Coaching and Consultancy for Leaders and Teams

You can not fail, unless you give up

Francesco Wessels is a network organization with a broad experience in successfully guiding the process of evolvement on leaders and teams. Francesco Wessels implements the practical knowledge in this field for various target groups, for example; industry and commerce, (professional) athletes and government agencies. Supported by personal experiences at the military defense and (professional) sports, Francesco Wessels has grown into an authority in the field of mental training and coaching. A highly recommended reputation has also been built by the fact that Francesco Wessels is an (Olympic) Master coach at the Netherlands Olympic Committee and Dutch Sports Federation NOC*NSF

The essence of Francesco Wessels is the process to evolve leaders and teams. Possible topics are: courage, pride, independence, defensibility, persistence, self reflection, flexibility, guts, dedication, team feeling and so on.

We specialize in:

  • Mental development
  • Team development
  • Leadership development


The people in the process of evolvement are crucial to us. Contact us to experience the power of development. With pleasure and dedication we will guide you or your team!